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tightly held home and former school tuckshop hits the market

Written by The ReReport

Every lunch time there was a thunder of little feet and tapping of pennies on the glass counters to attract the shop keeper’s attention.

FOR more than three decades, Junction Park State School students would tap their pennies on the glass counters waiting to be served at the privately run tuckshop across the road.

Today, the former school tuckshop is waiting to be re-purposed.

The property has been in the Rousell family for about 60 years, and for owners Alan Rousell (73), and his sister Jacqueline Holder (68), like many of those students, it holds countless memories.


“My mother and father came over from England in 1957 and they bought the shop in 1958, or 59 and we’ve had it ever since,” Mr Rousell said.
While they lived in the house at the back of the property, most of their time was spent out the front serving thousands of hungry kids.
“I mainly served in the shop, because Junction Park School was right across the road and we were the only tuckshop then, apart from the pie man who used to pull up up the road,” he said.
“Every lunch time there was a thunder of little feet and tapping of pennies on the glass counters to attract our attention, but it was absolutely jammed with kids.”

THEN: The home at the back of the shop at 2 Stephens St, Annerley.

NOW: Some modifications have been made to the original home at 2 Stephens St, Annerley.

Mr Rousell said so much so, you often couldn’t see the shop, or the house, from all the bikes.
“You couldn’t see it for push bikes, there were thousands of them,” he said.
He said he’d already met one lady on an open inspection who was taking a walk down memory lane.
“One woman who came around to look at it, was looking through and she said ‘my mother remembers this place — her name is scratched on to the front counter’,” he said.
“While they were waiting to buy something they would scratch their name into the front counter.”


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The shop and the two-storey home are being offered to the market for the first time in 60 years. It is going to auction onsite on November 3.

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Place West sales agent Jesse Sherring, who is marketing the property, said it was a great opportunity for a buyer to earn additional income.
“We are seeing a continuing trend for property in Brisbane to be close to schools and parks,” Mr Sherring said.
“This give parents and friends an opportunity to be social while still being close to amenities for their children.
“Two Stephens St provides a great opportunity for the astute buyer to own a commercial space with the potential for an additional income.”

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