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two weeks to sell first listing in middle of nowhere in four years

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It took a buyer just two weeks to find this home that’s actually in the middle of Nowhere.

WHAT would you pay for a house in the middle of Nowhere?
Sitting on Nowhere Creek Rd, Nowhere Creek, a regional Victorian house has just sold for about $220,000.

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And it took a Melbourne buyer, originally from Hong Kong, just two weeks to find the three-bedroom house.
That’s despite it being the first house for sale in the area, about two and a half hours north west of Melbourne, since 2014, according to Elders Avoca’s Elizabeth Teal.

Nowhere Creek Rd, Nowhere CreekThe latest property to sell even comes with a petanque field.

“There are very few homes for sale in Nowhere Creek, they don’t come up frequently,” Ms Teal said.
“Even land for sale is sold pretty quickly.”
A couple originally from Brighton sold the home to the Melbourne family who made an almost immediate offer after visiting the home.
“They loved it from the moment they saw it,” Ms Teal said.
“The buyer made the trip and put in an offer pretty well straight away.”
Running off a generator, with a wood-burning heater and it’s own dam, the only bills to pay for the home in Nowhere Creek were council rates — about $1000 a year for the 8ha property.

Nowhere Creek Rd, Nowhere CreekDespite the cheap bills, the home still comes with all the conveniences you might expect.

The last time a home sold in the region, a hobby farm at 248 Nowhere Creek Rd, it picked up $370,000, including an extra $1000 on the asking price, as a pair of buyers fought over it, Ms Teal said.
“Which is substantial in Nowhere Creek,” she said.
Some of those who’d looked at the latest listing had seen benefits in being able to tell authorities and billing companies that they lived in Nowhere, she added.
But the chief attraction was the undulating countryside and rich soils that kept things green through most of the year.

“It’s this little area a bit north of Elmhurst on the road to Ararat,” Ms Teal said.
“It’s not an area where you find cars are being dumped or turned into scrap metal — and there’s a romantic side of the name.”
Despite buyer interest, just ten properties — from farms to houses and even land — have changed hands in Nowhere Creek since the turn of the millennium.
But it’s not to be mistaken with the Tasmanian town of Nowhere Else.
“This is the original Nowhere,” Ms Teal said.

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