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who you gonna call when you want to sell up but the ghost wonaet leave

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Real life ghostbuster Mark Pasley gives advice on how to balance the energies in your home before you put it on the market. AAP Image/Josh Woning

IT DOESN’T matter if it’s Casper or Chucky, having an unwelcomed ‘polter-guest’ at your first open house could be more of a trick than a treat.
So after you have welcomed the ghouls and goblins into your home for Halloween, it might pay to do a little cleansing before you put that for sale sign up.


“There’s a higher invisible world around us,” Ipswich-based energy healer Mark Pasley said.
“Most of the time people believe it is the lost soul of a human spirit, that’s not accurate. Ninety per cent of the time it’s an accumulation of misguided energies.”

Ghost Busting HomesGhosts, ghouls, and gremlins don’t scare Chris and Mark Pasley of Ipswich, who work with families to expel unwanted energies from the home. (AAP Image/Josh Woning)

He said energies can come from teenage angst, couples going through a divorce, drug use, death or violent activities performed in a house, with bedrooms and the office the most susceptible rooms for this accumulation of energies.


For the last 11 years, Mr Pasley and his wife Chris have run their Red Spirit Energy Healing business from Ipswich and say one in five clients believe their house is haunted.
“Energies can build up to such a point that they can physically shift things,” Mr Pasley said.
“If you have an angry person, they are going to attract more angry energy and eventually it can build up to become an entity in itself.”
For roughly the same price as a pest inspection you could have your house and property cleared of its misguided energies which can present as an unsettling feeling when you move into a room, or can be more physical, lighting candles, moving fridges and making things go bump in the night.

Supplied Editorial Clips from the new Ghostbusters reboot.Today’s energy healers are a lot more professional than these guys.

But before you call in the ghostbusters, you could try this do-it-yourself remedy using white sage.
It’s called ‘smudging’.

White sage wrapped into a smudge stick helps clear the house of misguided energies.

Mr Pasley recommends doing this weekly as a general practice, but if you are planning an open house, smudge at least one week beforehand.
“When you smudge with sage some people may mistake the smell for marijuana so it’s a good idea not to do it just before an open house,’’ he said.
“Because we have just sold our property, we smudged it every other day.”
Here’s how it works:
Buy some white sage. This is salvia apiana and different to culinary sage (salvia officinalis) and can be found in health food stores, crystal shops and new age retail outlets in Brisbane.
Open the windows and pull back blinds to let in the light and tie the sage together.
Light the sage ‘stick’ and get the smoke billowing. Put a saucer under the bunch to catch any ash and walk through the house and into every room, wafting the smoke through the rooms.
At the same time play some music.
“Your favourite music,” Mr Pasley said.
“Whatever you feel that gives you an uplifting sensation that will raise the vibration of the property.
“When there’s feelings of bitterness, particularly around divorce, you need to lighten up the feel of the place.”
And don’t forget to smudge people too.
“Not only houses but people can be haunted,’’ he said.
Keeping the ghouls at bay and the energies balanced in your home comes down to one thing, Mr Pasley said.
“In the end love conquers all but you have to believe that and practice that.”

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