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Winter and Whitaker butt heads in Brisbane’s bayside

Winter and Whitaker butt heads in Brisbane’s bayside
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The Ormiston home post Neale Whittaker renovation. Picture: Alanna Jayne McTiernan / Foxtel.

Perpetual adversaries Neale Whitaker and Andrew Winter were back in the sunshine state for another Love It Or List It skirmish and this time battle lines were drawn in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Ormiston.

On Whitaker’s team Love It was textile designer Olivia Henry and on Winter’s team List It was business owner Damien Henry, with the couple butting heads over their dysfunctional house with million dollar views.

Episode six of season three opened with Winter extolling the virtues of Brisbane’s seaside suburbs.

“This area is bit of a hidden gem. It’s locally known as bayside,” he explained to Whitaker.

The penny drops when Winter mentions the bay and Whitaker quips, “Moreton Bay, home of the bugs”.

Take note Tourism Queensland, “home of the bugs” has a nice ring to it.

The entry to the Ormiston home before the makeover. Picture: Alanna Jayne McTiernan / Foxtel.

Translating Winter’s real estate agent lingo, Ormiston is a “bayside oasis” with a “resort feel” (near the water) and “commuter’s convenience” (driving distance to the city) with somewhat affordable real estate, especially compared to the Melbourne and Sydney markets.

According to, the median four-bedroom house price for Ormiston is $720,750.

Damien and Olivia loved the area but hated the layout of their home, which was valued at $850,000 thanks to its ocean views.

The couple, their three children and their dog have lived in the four-bedroom house for the past three years.

The living spaces and kitchen before the renovation. Picture: Alanna Jayne McTiernan / Foxtel.

Olivia’s desire to stay in the home was based purely on a feeling.

“I absolutely love this suburb. I love the feeling. I love the view. I walked in and I felt this overwhelming energy. And I’m not moving,” she declared.

Damien didn’t quite see it that way and admitted to throwing a tantrum or two over the home’s “dysfunctional” layout.

“I got shoehorned into this house because she’s got a vision,” he said.

“The house just doesn’t work for me. There’s no open-plan. There’s no connectivity.”

The house had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living and dining space, a separate kitchen, which Damien had renovated to a not quite right standard, a garage converted into a storage space and kids area and a large deck.

The kids’ play area was in the garage. Picture: Alanna Jayne McTiernan / Foxtel.

Entry to the home was through the closed off front deck and the street presence was sad at best.

“I’m delighted. I’ve won already,” Winter Chortled once spotting the home but Whitaker had the last laugh when they took in the “almost 180-degree views of Moreton Bay” from the back balcony.

And while Olivia and Damien couldn’t agree on whether to stay or go, in a happy coincidence for the show, the couple did manage to agree on wish lists for their real estate and design godfathers.

From Whitaker they wanted a proper entrance to the home, open-plan living flowing to the back deck and a dedicated kids’ zone for under $200,000.

From Winter they wanted open-plan living with a separate kids’ space, a swimming pool, double garage, storage, an Ormiston address and a price tag no higher than $1.2 million.

The style guru promised the Henrys a “colonial beach house”.

His plan included relocating the kitchen to where the dining room and fourth bedroom were and sliding doors that opened the living space to the balcony.