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Wow factor: Inside the home of one of Brisbane’s best architects

Wow factor: Inside the home of one of Brisbane’s best architects
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Brisbane architect Joe Adsett’s new house at 18 Kitchener Rd, Ascot.

HE has designed showstopping houses for some of Queensland’s fussiest clients, but Joe Adsett’s toughest brief yet has been his own.

As one of Brisbane’s leading architects, Mr Adsett is renowned for bringing Queenslander homes into the 21st century with his multimillion-dollar, contemporary creations for high profile clients.

He is currently designing a new dream home for NRL star Darius Boyd and his wife, Kayla, that will be minutes from Suncorp Stadium.

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BEFORE: The front of Brisbane architect Joe Adsett’s house at 18 Kitchener Rd, Ascot, before he redesigned it. Photo:

AFTER: The front of Brisbane architect Joe Adsett’s house after he redesigned it.

Other recent projects include ‘Laurent’ at 44 Reading St, Paddington, which recently sold for $3.98 million, a house on a 215 sqm block in Small St, Teneriffe, which fetched $1.9 million despite the tiny lot and another property at 192 Baroona Rd, Paddington, which has just gone under contract for $2.35 million.

This house, named Laurent, at 44 Reading St, Paddington, was designed by Joe Adsett and recently sold for nearly $4m. Picture: Scott Burrows.

The new Boyd residence, as envisioned by Joe Adsett, will be built by Graya Construction. Source: Facebook/Graya.

But for the past year, Mr Adsett has been working on his biggest project yet — his dream home in Ascot called ‘Boomerang’ after its signature ‘L’ shape.

The three-level home is currently being filmed to appear on the Foxtel television series ‘Grand Designs Australia’.

“When you’re advising for clients or a developer, it’s very easy to be objective and … make decisions, but when it’s yourself you can sit there and say; ‘what is it I actually want?’” Mr Adsett said.

“I could do it 10 different ways — which way do I like the best?”

BEFORE: The living area leading to an outdoor balcony at Brisbane architect Joe Adsett’s house at 18 Kitchener Rd, Ascot, before he redesigned it. Photo:

AFTER: The new indoor/outdoor living area after the house was redesigned.

The house is almost finished, but Mr Adsett said it would take another few months for the finishing touches to be made to the fit-out.

Records show Mr Adsett and his wife, Hayley, bought the property for $2.665 million in November, 2017.

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Joe and Hayley Adsett with their son Julian. They now have two children. Picture: Claudia Baxter.

It was originally a mid-century home on a huge 1200 sqm block comprising three lots, but has now been transformed into a three-level, six-bedroom masterpiece with the help of Graya Construction.

“There was a lovely house there, but it was just orientated in the wrong direction and we just couldn’t work with it,” Mr Adsett said.

“We’ve certainly designed it to be very particular to our own brief.

“I’ve designed houses for myself which were stepping stone houses, but this was really looking at the 10 year play.”

BEFORE: Brisbane architect Joe Adsett’s house at 18 Kitchener Rd, Ascot, before he redesigned it. Photo:

AFTER: The kitchen in the house after it was redesigned.

With two kids aged three and five, Mr Adsett said he and his wife wanted a family home.

“It’s not designed to be a trophy house — it really is a family home,” he said.

“It is a big house, there’s no mistake about that, but it’s designed for lifestyle.”

The Adsetts spent a few years looking for the right property before they found 18 Kitchener Road.

“We really wanted a block of land that was elevated, flat, large and a square block,” Mr Adsett said.

“It’s very rare to find a big, square block. Rectangular blocks are limiting, whereas a square block allows for these types of houses.”

BEFORE: The outdoor area at the original house. Photo:

AFTER: The outdoor area and tennis court at the new house.

The ‘L’ shape of the house is a trend Mr Adsett has been incorporating in many of his new projects because of the emphasis it places on indoor/outdoor living.

“It’s a very classic kind of style,” he said.

“The Romans were doing courtyards, so it’s been around a long time, but definitely the contemporary interpretation of these kind of old housing forms is something we look to run with.

“We’ve gone with a lightweight timber box floating over a stone base and the upper level is really light like a nest.”

Intricate baton work has been used to recreate the Queenslander style.

Mr Adsett said his wife, Hayley, had been instrumental in helping him design their dream home.

“So many of the decisions around the materials and the experience of the house have come from her input,” he said.

AFTER: An aerial shot of the house at 18 Kitchener Rd, Ascot, before it was redesigned. Photo:

The house at 18 Kitchener Road after the rebuild.


*Orientation – design the living spaces to face north-east

*A flexible floorplan – the Adsett house has six bedrooms, but all could be converted to other spaces if preferred

*Privacy – Separate the master bedroom from the kids’ bedrooms

*Man cave – a big garage underneath the house

*Emphasis on family lifestyle – indoor/outdoor living areas to make the most of Brisbane’s climate and put pools and tennis courts close to the house so that they are easy to access.