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zero tolerance in schoolie proofae zones ahead of 2018 party

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Beach party shot from the 2012 Schoolies at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast — considered a rite of passage by many Aussie Year 12s.

Thousands of teens face fines of up to $1,300 with property owners adopting “zero tolerance” for misbehaviour during 2018 Schoolies celebrations which kick off this Saturday.
Owners and property managers across the country have been bracing for two weeks of Year 12 partying, which begins with Queensland Schoolies this Saturday for a week and in Western Australia from Sunday.
New South Wales and Victorian Schoolies begin the following Saturday on November 24 for week two, and there is also another weeklong set of bookings being taken for week three, according to
Grant Mifsud, partner with property management experts Archers the Strata Professionals, expects holiday rental managers to adopt new house rules across the country to deal with the onslaught of rowdy teenagers.

Property managers and owners want to prevent balcony hopping and misbehaviour in high rises this Schoolies season.


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Fines, bond loss and even prosecution are in the arsenal of property managers “trying to ensure school leavers behave responsibly during their apartment stays and to avoid incidents”.
According to Archers, these are the rules that property managers and owners have been advised to apply:
1. Bag checks can be carried out by onsite security.
2. No glass bottles in the room or pool area.
3. A maximum of two external guests permitted to a room at any time to restrict the potential for parties.
4. Secure rooftops to prohibit skylarking and dangerous stunts.
5. Zero tolerance policy for misbehaviour on apartment balconies.
6. Noise must be kept to a minimum.
7. Dangerous behaviour will be dealt with by police.
“Any damage to the room or contents during Schoolies Week will come out of the bond,” Mr Mifsud said, with the biggest issue every year being false fire alarms.

Schoolies Day 4Late night balcony party at Schoolies. Picture: Marc Robertson.

“People setting off fire alarms can be a big problem, particularly as fire safety is such a major concern at all times and something we take very seriously.”
He said a hefty $1,298 fine issued for false call-outs by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service crew would be passed on to Schoolies in the wrong, thanks to “technology enabling identification of which room and building level an alarm has been activated”.

“Schoolies who set off fire alarms are not only risking lives, they could find themselves facing a fine of almost $1300. Building management are able to recover the QFES charge once they identify the perpetrator. These charges are a big cost for a strata scheme and they have to be recovered from those responsible.”
Among the fears of property managers were that false alarms could lead occupants to be complacent when a real alarm goes off, and also business interruption.
“School leavers wouldn’t want to face the double whammy of also paying a fine for setting off a fire alarm,” he said.

Schoolies Dates for 2018:

Week 1 (17 Nov — 24 Nov) — QLD Schoolies
Week 1 (18 Nov — 24 Nov) — WA Leavers
Week 2 (24 Nov — 2 Dec) — NSW & VIC Schoolies
Week 3 (1 Dec — 9 Dec) — NSW & VIC Schoolies


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