a practical tool for workspace improvements

Workspace design has become a powerful tool for modern corporations.

Research shows that workspace design is directly correlated to employee performance, job satisfaction, talent retention and the general wellbeing of employees.

Increasingly, office design has become currency when attracting new talent. Organisations like Google and Apple represent the extreme version of this evolution; their offices include sleeping pods, a wide variety of creative environments, gaming rooms, resident chefs and even a Lego room for some work-play.

Humour, creativity, fun, movement, amenities, quality food, a variety of environments, flexible hours – these are elements for companies to consider in workplace design.

It starts with identifying your goals as a company and what workspace changes will help achieve these.

Valiant’s focus is to investigate the nuances of each client’s circumstances and discuss how incremental changes can be introduced to the office space. This is where leasing becomes a powerful tool.

Leasing allows you introduce changes to your workspace without incurring the typical high costs. It is important to get a practical understanding of what works for your teams before making a purchase commitment.

In this age of digital disruption, HR managers, entrepreneurs, company owners, and office managers face a number of work place design challenges.

Among these, three themes stand out – bridging generational gaps, managing different work styles, mitigation of unhealthy work habits.

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