developer concessions to increase medium density housing in nsw

Under new rules manor houses (single buildings comprising three or four homes), dual-occupancies and terraces houses will also be eligible for a complying development approval.

Colliers David Chittenden continued by stating the new low rise medium-density housing code would increase the supply of housing across NSW, especially in Sydney.

“[The code] will help improve housing affordability and better meet the needs of our changing population by providing a broader range of housing options to suit different lifestyle needs.”

Sydney is projected to need an additional 725,000 homes by 2036 to accommodate its ballooning population, according to the planning department’s forecasts.

“The populations of Sydney and Melbourne are both expected to exceed 8.5 million by 2061.”

“Our sprawling cities need to transform themselves to become more competitive, sustainable, liveable, resilient and inclusive.”

According to Domain, demand for medium-density living in Western Sydney, Liverpool and Parramatta is on the decline with greater growth opportunities to be found in fringe regions.

Inner-west, Sutherland and the eastern suburbs have demonstrated positive growth over the past 12 months and remain hot spots for medium-density approvals.

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