developers this is the future of off the plan marketing

Building trust and rapport with buyers

Homebuyers are technically savvy and wary of curated artist impressions. They seek more design and spatial information before gaining the confidence to invest in an unbuilt home or apartment. This makes gaining a buyer’s trust a critical step in real estate marketing, and agents can assist by removing the guesswork for buyers when visualising the building.

By placing control in the hands of buyers, Realspace allows people to fully explore the model and control where they go.

This conveys honesty and transparency, which can be slower or more difficult to achieve using only a handful of emotive 3D renders and floor plans.

“A recurring comment from the sales teams we’ve worked with is that sales acquisition time is reduced as homebuyers understand the off-the-plan development quicker,” Buildmedia’s managing director Gareth Ross says.

“When the agent shows a homebuyer through the modelled interior with the touch screen, they act as a guide, explaining the building, answering questions and showing different finishes.

“Buyers can also take control of the touchscreen – it’s as easy to navigate as Google Street View. Plus, they can also use a plug-and-play VR headset for a more immersive experience.’

With a large visual display to focus on, it is very easy for agents to break the ice and engage buyers one-to-one.

Agents feel more technically equipped and have the ability to answer more questions using real-time visuals. And buyers feel more informed and empowered through a better understanding of the development.

Streaming Realspace for online mobile devices will be launched in early 2019.

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