nsw governments 2036 plan draws widespread scrutiny

The sentiments of the former North Sydney mayor are contrasted by current mayor Jilly Gibson who labelled the backlash a “scare campaign”.

In a local council meeting on Monday night Gibson expressed her dismay after select councillors challenged the draft plan, claiming more time and resources should be allocated to consultation with local government and the community.

“We keep hearing this doom and gloom as though Crows Nest is going to be totally ruined,

“Councilors, we are getting a new metro station, we should be really happy about this.

“I want that metro station, it’s going to do wonderful things for Crows Nest, it’s going to do wonderful things for our community,

“We’d have to be economic nitwits to think our metro station is going to be provided without some accompanying development to pay for it.” Gibson said.

Gibson followed this by refuting the 2036 plan and North Sydney metro development would “destroy” Crows Nest.

“I’ve been talking to a couple of buyers agents recently and I have a few friends who work in the real estate industry and prices around Crows Nest are skyrocketing because people want to move in and be near the metro,” Gibson said.

“Make no mistake, how can you say an area is going to be totally destroyed when property prices are already going up in anticipation the metro station is going to be there. ”

“I have to totally disagree with this scare campaign that is being mounted, if this doom and gloom was happening people would be selling out Crows Nest, not rushing to buy in.”

North Sydney’s planning department are currently preparing a new report expanding on the points outlined in Booth’s report submitted on Monday.

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