worlds first underground hotel opens in shanghai

The project initially broke ground in 2012, but construction did not start until late 2013 and the project has been beset by several delays.

One such project involved pumping concrete downward by 80 metres without blockages, or separation of sand and cement.

Engineers counteracted this issue by changing the ratio of constituent materials and adding a damping device to slow its descent.

Approximately 5,000 architects, engineers, designers, and construction workers have been involved with the mega-project.

Over the course of a decade of construction work, experts developed a range of technological solutions to overcome the project’s unique challenges and filed a total of 39 patents to protect them.

After it opens, the hotel expects to welcome 500,000 visitors each year, who will have the chance to enjoy water sports on the lake and rock climb or bungee jump off the surrounding cliffs.

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